Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I'm going to skip the excuses about being behind and focus on catching up. The second half of March seems so long ago that it is almost hard for me to remember, but here is a quick list of the notable events:

1. Tanner's cousins Sarah and Alec came to visit over their spring break! It was so fun to see them. We had a picnic on a floating dock at a nearby park, ate a lot of Brazilian food including coxinhas (yummy fried dough thingies with chicken and spices in the middle), pao de queijo (cheesebread), passo tempos (cookies!), and Guarana (soda), and went to the beach. We feel so lucky an honored that they would stay with us and we just had a really good time hanging out with them.

2. Ezra continued being a total daddy's boy. He loooves giving Daddy cuddles when he gets home.

3. We went for a morning beach walk/run and found jellyfish everywhere! They looked like balloon animals to me.

4. Ezra rode in a shopping cart for the very first time and has loved riding in them ever since.

5. We bought Ezra some bath toys so that he'd stop pulling the plug out of the drain during his bathtime. (The toys worked for about a day. He still goes immediately for the plug.)

6. Ezra made lots more funny squishy faces in his pack 'n play.

7. He fell asleep in his highchair:

8. He knocked over our plant for the 100th time.

9. He started snuggling more! We are loving this development.

10. And he was just cute in general.

And gparents, here are the "best of" videos for those last two weeks in March. Enjoy!

That's all for March! More updates coming soon!


  1. great post! He has gotten fatter since then.

  2. I highly enjoyed this. It took me foreeeever to figure out what his shirt said (ahoy!) because I'm dumb. I love the pack n play faces and I REALLY hope Harper follows suit and becomes cuddlier. Also, your birthday is tomorrow!