Wednesday, June 11, 2014

April, Part 1

April was a wonderful month! As far as I can remember, the first few days were very calm. The most exciting thing we did that first week was visit the new Fort Lauderdale Temple. It a lovely day, and the temple itself was so beautiful! We went with some of our friends that live in our apartment complex and go to school with Tanner: Midy, Rick, and Donna. There were so many people at the temple but there was still such a peaceful feeling there. I can't wait to go through it again!

Here are some of our other highlights:

Ezra made cute faces for Momma.

I made some mini-pies in baby jars for a baby shower. I made boysenberry pies, and they were a little tart, but so fun to make! All you have to do is line the jars with a thin crust, fill it with any pie filling of your choice, and bake them like normal. Yum.

Ezra has been loving his stuffed animals. In the first pic, he's so happy to have his bear. Second pic, soo sad!

Tanner shaved his beard and tried out this fancy new look.

The beautiful Fort Lauderdale Temple and friends :)


  1. I was a little sad when this post ended because usually they are longer and I just didn't see it coming! Anyway, Ezra's cute and Tanner is...creepy. Harper still hasn't figured out if she is attached to stuffed animals. I think it's super cute when kids love them.

  2. Ha I love that sad face! Sooo cute!