Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Yep, it's been almost a year.

I thought I gave up entirely on blogging because of all the time it was taking me, but then I kept thinking about how I need to do SOMETHING to record of how smart and cute and funny and all the other things Ezra is. And how adorable and sweet and smiley my baby Jane is. But I never seem to get around to journaling or anything else! So I'm back to blogging, and I think I hit on something good. Whenever they are really showing their little personalities, I'll just take a video (that takes, what, like 3 minutes?), which I can upload later if I have the time. Otherwise, I still have the video.

So here's a little movie of him last night about two hours after his bedtime. He was in his room by himself that whole time--he tries to stay up as late as he possibly can. He's always very conversational before bedtime because he likes to keep us in the room as long as possible. He had just been telling me about how the holes in the wall (electrical sockets) were "bad holes" because they hurt fingers. And how Jocelyn brings us bandaids. (Speaking from experience.)

 Ezra at bedtime

In a few days, he'll be two years, four months old. Isn't it amazing how much he can understand and communicate when he's so young?!