Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ezra Update: Part 3

January 1 to January 15

We noticed right away when we got back from the trip that Ezra had entered a dangerous stage. The fact that he could get around on his own definitely had me on my feet all through December, but in January, he took up an interest in electric cords and sockets, shoes and the broom, and bits of paper and plastic, or, in other words, anything that could electrocute, infect, or choke him. We've had fun baby-proofing. We want to get those little plastic things for electrical sockets, but since he goes for the cords too, we have tried to block all outlets from him with pieces of furniture. We can't leave anything he can't have on the floor, or he will get it. It makes it difficult with things like shoes, which we usually leave by the front door, or the broom, which is tucked between the fridge and the wall.

His favorite new place is the kitchen. He is always trying to get into it. He first started going in there when Tanner and I were making dinner. He wanted to know where all the fun was happening, so he scooted over, popped his little head around the wall, and smiled really big at us. But now he tries to go whether we're in there or not. I am constantly chasing him and moving him back to the rug. If he makes it to the kitchen door though, he always goes for the broom. He puts his little head up against the space between the fridge and the wall and tries to reach his little arm in. Silly baby. We love him.

January 2
Enjoying his last nap in Houston.

January 3
As good as Ezra usually is, we had to work HARD on the way home to keep him happy. He was wiggly and needed lots of love and attention.

January 7
Who doesn't love sweet potatoes?

January 8

January 11
We tried to get some selfie family pictures. They turned out really, really good.

January 13
Here's the little man crawling in action. Normally he's much faster. I think he was distracted by his screams.

Here he is after all that crawling. Sooo tired....

He had just enough strength though to find and explore more things. 

This movie is definitely a "grandparents movie." It is his first time eating applesauce. If you're just casually reading this, skip ahead. 

January 15
I love how much he loves his daddy. Ezra is always happy when Daddy is home. Also, isn't his little sailor outfit adorable? Another of my favorite hand-me-downs.
As always, I just had to leave you with a just plain cute pic. And he really is this adorable.


  1. He is SOOO cute! And also I love the picture wall above your couch that I saw in one of your videos. You should take a picture of that and show it here on your blog too! (Also, I watched the video of Ezra eating sweet potatoes on the youtube website, and at the end it recommended a bunch of potato videos for me to watch.)

  2. And I LOVE his army crawl videos.