Monday, January 27, 2014

Ezra Update: Part 1

I've fallen so far behind on my Ezra updates that I'm going to do them in four installments over the next four days. If you keep up, reading one post a day, you will certainly get your fill of the little chunker for the week! (Or maybe you will just miss him more.) This post will cover December 1 to December 15. Tomorrow's post will then cover the rest of December, Wednesday's will cover the first two weeks of January, and Thursday's post should bring us up to date. Woo hoo!

Warning: Many of these updates will only be interesting to the grandparents (especially the videos contained therein).

So updates on the little man the first two weeks of December are that he started army crawling (at 4 months old)! I didn't see him do it at first, because I sometimes just put him down on the rug with some toys while I'm in and out of other rooms just cleaning up, but I started noticing when I would check in on him that he was in significantly different places than where I left him. I had to keep a sharper eye on him, and when I did, I saw that he could move his little body just about anywhere. He uses his arms for direction, and pushes himself with his little legs. I could put a toy five feet in front of him and to the right, and he could turn to aim at it and push his little self over there. We are so proud of him! He is an early mover. He rolled over early, and he army crawled early. We're looking for more big things to come!

December 5
Ezra loves his daddy so much. He especially loves being held, talked to, and played with by him.

December 7

This movie is super cute. He has his little hand in his mouth and he's busy chewing on it while telling us all sorts of nice things.

December 10
Ready for breakfast! He's been loving the sweet potatoes we've been giving him. They were his first solid food (aside from the rice cereal we mix in with his milk). At first he was a little wary, but he decided he liked them after the second or third bite. The biggest challenge for him after that was swallowing the food! He usually ended up with more on his hands and face than in his tummy. Feeding him solids has required a lot of patience both in the time it takes to get them down and in the clean up time needed afterward, but it has been one of the most fun things I've been able to do with my baby. It's so cute watching him catch the spoon as it comes toward him, push it into his mouth, and make funny faces as he slobbers it all back out. I'm sorry if I'm grossing you out. Maybe it's something only a mother could love.

He loves talking! Here he's probably telling me what he thought of the morning's sweet potatoes, or maybe how he doesn't want to go down for a nap. 

December 11
I just love him when he's fresh out of a bath. He smells so good and his skin is so smooth and he is so cuddly! And super cute.

He loves the jumper Grandma and Grandpa Coleman bought him for Christmas! I love that he's got his little dino in these pics.
I'm pretty sure he feels like a grown-up sitting with Daddy.

December 12
I just love this picture. He loves rubbing Daddy's beard, especially when he's eating. He'll just reach up and hold his chin and rub, back and forth, back and forth. He does the same with his little legs. He will move them all over when he's eating. He'll just probe around or rub our arms or legs with them.

December 13
Mommy and Baby don't have many pictures together so I threw this one in here so you could know I love him too.

December 15
And that's all for today, folks!


  1. SO cute! And Ellie loves all the videos. :)

  2. He has the sweetest smile! Love the last one!

  3. He's going to be the cutest neighbor ever! He's sooo cute!