Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ezra Update: Part 2

December 16 to December 31

As you know, we spent the second half of December in Houston at Tanner's parents house. Ezra was super spoiled by all the attention. At home he spends a lot of time on the floor--not in Houston. He was always in someone's arms, always being played with. He had a wonderful time.

It was also really fun to see him with his cousins. They loved playing with "Baby Ezwa." Logan (4) and Reid (2) were probably his biggest fans. Logan would put his little face right up to Ezra's and say "Hi, Baby Ezwa! Hi, Baby Ezwa!" and poke him in the cheeks like I showed him (for some reason Ezra loves being poked in his chubby little cheeks). Ezra loved it. Reid was also a big supporter of Baby Ezwa. We had to intervene once or twice when he tried wrapping him up (from head to toe) like a burrito in an baby blanket, but Ezra loved the attention. Here are the pictures and movies from those two weeks:

December 18
This was Ezra's temporary bed. He loved it. He was a little sick over winter break with some congestion so we tried to keep him elevated. We propped it up on one side, so he slept on an angle.

December 20
I love his polar bear hat (Thank you, Nancy Vandre!). It was perfect for the cold (brrr!) weather in Houston. It was in the 40's and 50's some days, so we had to dress warm on walks and other outings. Tanner, Ezra, and I brought all of our winter clothes (basically all of our long sleeved shirts and a couple pairs of pants). Things change when you live in Miami.

December 21
Ezra has really missed his Coleman great grandparents ever since leaving Utah. He was so happy to see them again. Whenever Grandma or Grandpa Coleman would hold him, they would play with him, and he would just smile and smile.

December 24
One of Ezra's hobbies over the break was eating his feet. He just loves sucking on those little toes. Toes/toys = same thing. And you can take them everywhere!
Here's a little video of the little toe-sucking buggy baby for you to enjoy.

Oh and did I mention that in December he's been laughing more? He started laughing in November but really started thinking things were funny this month. Here we are throwing something up in the air (okay, it's his diaper I just changed. Gross, maybe.) and catching it. He thought it was hilarious.

Dcember 29

Just cute.
I'm telling ya, those toes are good for chewin'.

December 30
And last but not least, his bear outfit, quite possible one of my favorite hand-me-downs. And the snuggliest.

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  1. Alyse, I just looked at your pictures with my boys and we LOVED them and had fun remembering what a good time we had with you guys. Especially with Baby Ezwa.
    The boys really loved the picture of Ezra sucking on his toes, they thought that was hilarious. Love Love