Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Haircuts, Fractures, and Finals

So much has happened since my last post! I can't believe it's only been two weeks.


First of all, I gave Ezra a haircut! It is so cute, but I am so sad about it. I buzzed it using the longest of Tanner's buzzers, and in my mind it was going to be about an inch and a half longer. I didn't want to cut off all his hair; I just wanted it to be a little bit more even. He's had a curly little mullet going on for a while and I just wanted to fix it up.

I started in the front, and when I saw how short it was going to be, I wanted to cry! But it was too late. There was nothing to do except keep going. And as cute as he is with his new haircut, I can't tell you how much I miss it. But it will grow back, of course! And (silly pun), the new haircut is growing on me anyway.

Here are the first couple pictures after the cut. He was tired. 

And here are some, a little while later, of him just being silly:


Well then, a couple days after his haircut, Star and I went on one of our usual walks. Before we went walking, we stopped at the park near her house to let the boys run around. Ezra climbed up one of the tallest towers, and I followed to make sure he wouldn't jump off. He wanted to go down the slide, so instead of leaving him up there, finding my way back down to the bottom, and risk him falling off somewhere, I just put him on my lap and went down with him. I tried keeping all his limbs on my lap, but somehow, his little foot flipped out and got stuck inside the slide and my leg. We moved forward, and his leg twisted. It was awful. I pulled it out as quickly as I could, but of course the damage had already been done.

He cried for a couple of minutes, but let himself easily be soothed by some Pirate Booty in his stroller. He fell asleep for the walk. When we stopped by the park again after the walk, he didn't want to stand on it, but it only bothered him when he tried to stand. Tanner and I kept a close eye on it that night and the next morning, thinking it was a sprained ankle.

I took him in that morning at the first doctor's appointment I could get. After 10 hours at the doctor's office and two different hospitals an hour's drive apart from each other, we were home with a cast on his fractured leg.

Luckily, it's a very small hairline fracture, and it should heal very quickly and easily. The cast is just to keep him off of it. We can get it off the day we get back from our Christmas vacation.

Here are our pics from the day we spent getting his leg looked at and fixed. As you can see, he was a pretty happy little guy except for when he was actually getting the cast on. (Or x-rayed.) And now that it is on, he doesn't seem to mind it at all. He can do pretty much anything he could without it.
He can even walk, although he doesn't attempt it very often. So after all, it hasn't been that bad.

He loved this clipboard they gave me for filling out paperwork.
The Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital is awesome. Everything
is so kid friendly, including the amazing staff who really went
the extra mile to make a hard day a better day.
On the table right before the cast.
The guy who put Ezra's cast on was so nice, but
Ezra was done with lying on tables for getting
his leg x-rayed. So getting it on was a little
traumatic for him.
Here he is just waiting to be x-rayed one last
time. Still a little upset from getting the cast on.
But the next day, it was all better! He was up
to his usual activities, just a little impaired.


And then there was finals week! What a hard week. Hard on Tanner, hard on me, and hard on little guy. I am glad it is over.
Ezra helping Daddy study.
He is really, really good at using the computer.
Ezra, my good friend Donna, and I made it down to Miami's
annual Friends of the Library book sale. It was so fun! There
were a lot of people, but children's books were only 25 cents,
and I got a lot of really beautiful books for next to nothing.
This box is of foreign language books--see anything familiar?
Our friends Ashley and Parker moved last week. We were so
sad to see them go! We will miss them so much. They left Ezra
some of Parker's little toys, and he couldn't be happier to have
something new to play with.

Christmas Break!

It's started! Finals are over, and we have time to just be a family again. We get to go on adventures and have fun. And we've already started. Yesterday, we came out to North Carolina to spend a week with my sister Jocelyn and her family. And from there, we'll fly to Texas to see Tanner's family for two weeks. Basically my mom is the best ever for working for JetBlue and giving us her buddy passes so we can fly for free. We could not feel luckier for being able to travel and see so much family when we are going to school and have no money. Thank you so, so much, Momma & Grandma. We are so lucky to have you. 

Here are the pictures of us on our way! And excited to enjoy our Christmas vacation.

And last but not least, here are some videos of Ezra playing (for the grandparents). We love you!


  1. Maybe you should use some of your new haircutting skills on Tanner...

  2. Ezra looks waaaay older and different in those videos. Not even just the post-haircut ones. I think his new haircut is super cute, but I would have been sad too. I was a little sad when Harper's mullet got cut off and that was just a tiny cut. It looked way better though. Also, I love playing babies. There's just something so lovely about it.