Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My dad and Debbie came out to Miami for Thanksgiving. It was super fun! We did a lot of things. Here are the photos.

First stop, Vizcaya. It's a mansion built in the early 1900s by a really rich guy, very cool. Part of Iron Man 3 was filmed here (notice the ship).

We all went up to Debbie's parents', Bobby and Rosie's, house for Thanksgiving. There are huge beautiful cranes that live on their street. Here is my dad feeding them:

We went to see the manatees. There is a natural warm spring that joins up with a river in Deland, and the manatees like to swim up it in the river to keep warm. There were lots of babies, and they were fun to see!
My dad pushed Ezra around in the stroller the whole time. He is counting his steps every day and was able to get a ton of steps in while talking to the baby.

Daddy and baby

Bobby and Rosie sent us home with bags and bags of fresh oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits! We have been feasting like kings.

Ezra was blessed that Sunday. It was wonderful. My dad, Bobby, and Keith were all in the blessing circle, and Price held the microphone. Ezra was smiling and cooing the whole time.


  1. That mansion place looks really cool! And I would love to see wild manatees. Cuuute pictures of Ezra in his blessing outfit!

  2. This is so cool that you saw manatees!!!

  3. I love this picture with Your dad pushing the stroller!!