Friday, November 8, 2013


Halloween was so much fun! It's different as a mom. It's weird growing up and joining the ranks of all the other mothers with their cute little dressed up children! But it is so fun to have a little guy to dress up. He is my best little pal.

Ezra was a biker. A really nice, cute, little biker. Here we are getting his beard ready.

He thought the eyeliner pencil was something he should probably examine with his mouth. It made it especially hard to draw the beard because he kept moving his little face to eat it wherever I was drawing.

Here we are getting ready to give out candy. I was a gypsy, Tanner was a protester, and Baby Boy, as you know, was a little biker (with Halloween socks).

He tried to keep in character the whole time with his thug face.

Here he is trying his best to pose for his photoshoot.

He had a lot of fun playing with his pants and making long drool strings.

There was a bit when he wasn't having as much fun.

But he recovered.

He was just a little hungry!

And that's our Halloween!

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  1. I LOVE his costume. Especially with the...I can't think of the word. The blue thing on his head! Too funny. And I love that he was trying to eat the eyeliner. I can totally see that. Babies are great.