Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Good Dose of Baby Boy

Okay, so I've been promising my mom that I would be loading some really cute videos of Ezra these last couple days, and she's been staying up "really late" and checking for my undelivered promises, so I've been feeling a little guilty. Well, here they are! I hope it's enough to tide everyone over, at least for the next week or so! :) 

September 25
Ezra is ticklish! One day I will get a video of him laughing but this is the best I can do for now.

September 28
Ezra's funny face

September 30
***WARNING: This video may break your heart. Do not watch if you are overly sensitive or love this baby too much!*** This was taken after getting out of the bath, his least favorite thing to do (not the bath itself, but getting out of it). Here he is recovering from the crying.Make sure your sound is up!

October 10
Smiley and talkative

October 10
I found out that Ezra loves when I read to him! It doesn't matter what I read--he just sits there and smiles.

October 12
Here is my smiley sweetheart waking up. He was especially talkative that morning.

October 14
Here he is playing with his toys. He loves his mobile, especially when it's playing music. He is learning to grab for his toys and always is batting at the keys (We think he's gonna be a leftie!). And as you can see, he LOVES watching that yellow thing.

October 14
He coos all the time! He usually stops when he sees the camera, and I didn't want to risk it, so I recorded his voice with my phone. 

October 15
Tummy time! Another thing Ezra doesn't like is tummy time. It's hard. What in the world is he supposed to do, anyway?! (That's the question he's asking here.)

October 16
I used Tanner's camera for this one, and I didn't realize it was on time lapse. It's too bad, because he was so cute! Still cute though!

October 16
He loves sucking on his fingers. They are a nice substitute for a pacifier.


  1. super cute, I love the one of him waking up in the morning. So Sweet! Keep the videos coming!

  2. I love the video of him waking up. So so cute and sweet. And I love the way he sucks on his fingers. I need to get Harper doing that so she can live without a binky for once! Harper hates tummy time too. Oh yeah, and I love his leg rolls.

  3. That video of him recovering from crying is sooooo sad! What a cute little boy.