Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Past Two Weeks

I'm on schedule!!! (I told you it would happen eventually!)

Ezra has been sick for two weeks straight--according to the doctor, he's actually on his second virus since he's been sick, but he should be getting better pretty soon. It's been hard, because for a while there, he was waking up in the middle of the night and wasn't going back to sleep, and on top of that, he wasn't taking naps during the day. We were all becoming very sleep deprived. But I guess if we had to pick any month to turn our family into zombies, October was a good month to do it. Just getting into the Halloween spirit!

Thankfully, Ezra's still been his same old happy self. He's just so sweet and big I can't believe it. He's still a baby but his limbs are so long and he does so many things. A few new things he's done in the past couple weeks are giving me and Tanner kisses on the mouth and saying, "mmmmm..uah!" when he does it, lining his bath toys up on the bathtub, and playing a lot more with his stuffed animals. Oh, and howling along with Tanner "Aoooooh!" when he reads the part in his book Papa, Papa about howling at the moon. He is still as cute as ever. Here are his pictures:

Sleeping with monkeys is a must. 
We're learning on naming his bath toys. We say, "Where is your octopus?" and he'll point to the frog. Definitely a work in progress.
Loves his lion hat.
Always hiding in the closet... so much to get into! 
Sorry for all the "sleeping with stuffed animals" pictures, but.... they melt me.
Watching Baby Einstein
Cuddles and reading--two of his favorite things
Last one, I swear! (for this post at least.)

Tanner has also been super sweet these past couple of weeks. He has been hit hard with midterms last week and this week, but he always takes time to help and play with Ezra and to give me the attention I need. Two things he did that make me swoon:

Made me breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning after a long night with Ezra
Watched Ezra while I went on a walk on the beach to see the sunrise
Gosh, I love my husband! (I hope he doesn't get too embarrassed by all this PDA. But he's too great. I can't help it.)

And me? Aside from taking care of a sick baby, I've just been doing the usual: couponing, cleaning, grocery shopping. Selling my body for science. I haven't written anything on the blog about this, just because there never seems to be enough time or room, but Tanner and I get paid to be in dermatology studies. They're totally legit. And they pay big money. This time, we got Botox. Well, not quite Botox, but something similar, right in between the eyebrows. We laughed the whole way home--getting Botox was something we never imagined ourselves doing. And getting paid to do it on top of that! Don't worry, we can still show emotion. We just can't knit our eyebrows. And when we raise them, they don't go up in the middle, which actually does look pretty hilarious. But I am looking forward to our checks, come January... ;) (Tanner wants me to add that we look like Spock.)

Speaking of doing things only really poor people do, I've recently added some cool apps on my phone I'm excited about. I do silly little things, like scan receipts and listen to music, and I earn things like Redbox codes, Amazon gift cards, and money. I am planning on posting about what I think are some awesome apps in a couple of days because I think everyone should know about them--especially if they are living on a tight budget like we are.
I got all this for $1.25. Yep, I am awesome.
Also, I've been reading some of Tolstoy's short stories and don't know why I haven't read more of his work in the past. I loved Anna Karenina when I read it a couple years ago. I think that sometimes I get scared of reading the classics--I feel that in some way, I wouldn't understand them. But then I read them and I just can't believe how relatable they are. Every time I actually read a classic, I wonder why I ever read anything else. Tolstoy is a genius at capturing human emotion and thought, and I have been captivated as I read. I hope that one day I'll be able to write as well as him. (I know that's a really big goal. But I believe all things are possible.)

Lastly, Ezra and I are excited about going to North Carolina to visit my sister Jocelyn and her family as soon as Ezra gets better (hopefully tomorrow!). (We have been waiting day by day to give my mom the go ahead to book the flights. She works for JetBlue so she gets a few bonus passes for family each year.) So the next post will be really cute because there will be three cute babies in it. Until next time! Love you!


  1. I love reading your posters, I hope I could write like u do. Very nice! Esdras, please get better!

    1. Thank you, Izabela! You are the nicest! Bjs

  2. I loved this post. And haha, I love that we both have 50 year old Peruvian stalkers. Sometimes I forget how random that is! And I LOVED the Ezra stuffed animal pictures. Those were the cutest! Harper has plenty of stuffed animals and we put them in her crib, but she doesn't usually snuggle with them. Just randomly grabs them and squeezes tight and squeals, then drops them. Anyway, I want to hear ALL about the body selling (Botox, haha!) and the apps. Have fun in N. Carolina!