Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh Baby! Ezra's Turning One!

Happy August 1st! In honor of Ezra turning one today, I thought I'd do a little throwback post to his first year of life, with pictures and milestones and just about the cutest video you're likely to ever see. Just like with his baby book, he may be the only child I'll have enough time to do this with, but oh well, here goes!

August: 0 months

Ezra was born at 8:25 p.m. on August 1st, weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs. 1 oz. From the day he was born, he was alert and looking into our eyes. I had read in the baby books that newborns wouldn't be able to focus on anything more than a foot or so in front of their face, but I think this little guy had more developed eyeballs or something because he would look straight at us, even from across the room. Even the hospital photographer mentioned how much more alert he was than other babies. From day one, his searching eyes showed us a big part of his personality: curiosity. 

He was also strong; in the hospital he could already hold his head up. Nurses were amazed. His curiosity and his strength (not to mention his natural intelligence, of course :) ) made him an early roller-overer, crawler, and walker.

Big Events: being born!, coming home, meeting so many new family members, staying at Grandma Harlan's house for two weeks, moving across country and being so good on his first plane rides

Milestones: smiling

In the hospital--less than 24 hours old.
In front of his first home.

September: 1 month old

In September we found out just how talkative our little one was! From morning to night (and sometimes even in between), he seemed to coo and babble about all the things that were important to him. I think he liked connecting with us, cooing while we smiled and talked back and looked into his eyes.

Big Events: Grandma Harlan coming to visit!

Milestones: laughing
Playing with Daddy 
He looks so little to me now!

October: 2 months old

Big Events: Halloween! Ezra dressed up like a pirate.

Milestones: reaching for toys

November: 3 months old

One thing we soon realized about Ezra was how determined he is. If he wanted to do something, like roll over, he would not stop trying until he did it. Then he would do it over and over and over again. His determination helped him figure out how to roll over, army crawl, crawl, stand up, and walk early!

Big Events: Nana and Grandpa Smith coming to visit, visiting Nana and Papa Wilson in Deland

Milestones: grabbing toys, rolling over (both ways!), turning in circles on the ground

December: 4 months old

December was a big month for little Ezra. We as a family went on our first vacation since he was born! We visited Tanner's parents in Texas, where they met him for the first time. Ezra also met all his older cousins and some uncles and aunts. He was such a sport for every outing and every day. Flexibility is just one more thing we love about this baby!

Big Events: visiting the Colemans in Texas

Milestones: army crawling

January: 5 months old

Big Events: first fireworks show (He loved it!)

Milestones: faster army crawling, first solid foods

February: 6 months old

Big Events: Grandma Harlan coming to visit!

Milestones: crawling, using the couch to stand up and walk around it

Classic Ezra smile. My favorite.

March: 7 months old

Big Events: first grocery cart ride

Milestones: saying "Mama" and "Dada"

April: 8 months old

Big Events: Visiting every member of both Mom and Dad's extended families except for Uncle Robert (including Uncle Banks, Aunt Nan, and Max, who all live in Thailand).

Milestones: first steps

May: 9 months old

Big Events: first time at Disneyland

Milestones: walking back and forth between Mom and Dad, clapping, high fives

June: 10 months old

Big Events: Grandma Harlan coming to visit again, first time holding a baby alligator, waving "bye-bye"

Milestones: walking, blowing kisses, and even whistling (kinda)!

July: 11 months old

Big Events: first Fourth of July

Milestones: hair!, running (kinda)


August 1: 12 Months Old

Big Events: first birthday party, first cake, first time opening presents

I could probably say a lot more in each section about his little personality, but the truth is, it hasn't changed very much since he was born. It has only increased in intensity. From the moment he was born, he has been very curious, always looking at everything and exploring it as soon as he determinedly figured out how to explore it, he has been sweet, happy, easy-going, strong, and overall, just a bundle of fun who blesses our lives like nothing else could. We love him so much and couldn't imagine loving him more.

This movie sums it all up: his whole little life in just 4 minutes. Watch it! I promise you'll be glad you did.

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