Saturday, July 12, 2014

May and June Catch-up

It was so sad to leave California, but so good to get back home. The month of May started out great and our June was even better. Here's what we did:

We played in our apartment complex's library. Ezra cleaned the floor. With his knees.

We explored a new beach with our friends, the Howells. Ezra loved playing with their cute son Korban and his fun beach toys. He especially loved the buckets we filled with water and the shovels to dip in them. He kept taking off his hat but he was okay with wearing mine.

Tanner proved that he really is the best husband ever and took me on an amazing surprise birthday date. He even got a babysitter! We kayaked from the Oleta River to an island in the ocean and snorkeled. It was so beautiful and so much fun. One thing I love about living here is how easy it is for us to do things like this. The state park we went to is only 4 minutes away from our house. We've walked there a few times with Ezra and just explored.

My friend Star and I took Brock and Ezra to the splashpad. It was Ezra's first time and he HATED it. He cried almost the whole time, and every time I put him down, he just crawled right back over to me, crying. We're thinking that maybe it was just too loud...? Anyways, I am not going to let my baby be scared of the splashpad. We are planning on going back over and over this summer until he learns to love it! I don't think it will take too much longer :)
p.s. These next two pictures look like he is playing, but he is really just crying.

We started giving Ezra more big people food and letting him eat it on his own. He thinks that it is just about the greatest thing ever. I totally get now why parents are known for saying "Don't play with your food!" I think that to little kids, food is playdough you're allowed to eat. 

We bought Ezra a new playmat and put it in front of his bookshelf. He loves taking it apart and putting the pieces to his head. I think it's pretty darn cute.

Star, Donna, and I visited the Fruit and Spice Park again! I love going there because each time I go, different fruit is in season. We saw a giant frog (pictured below), gorged ourselves on hogplums and other fruit, and got eaten alive by mosquitos.
(He is reaching through to me.)

We celebrated Hatian flag day with our ward, which is probably about 50% Hatian. I love all of the culture we are experiencing in Miami! We ate authentic Hatian soup and soda, listened to Hatian music, and took lots of pictures of a cool cake decorated like the Hatian flag.

We went to Girls Camp! My friend Jessy (the Young Women's president) and I drove down together with Ezra and her cute baby Henry. The girls had already been there for a day, but Jessy and I hadn't been able to go yet because we have babies. We arrived just around breakfast time. The girls showed ust their cabins, Jessy gave an amazing lesson on preparing to enter the temple, and we worked on some arts and crafts. It was a lot of fun and such a good experience for the girls. I love being one of their leaders! I am so grateful because I think it is the best calling in the church. They are so sweet, loving, and fun, and I feel blessed to be a part of their lives and that they are a part of mine.

And last of all, Ezra grew up. He is officially no longer a baby. At the end of May, he started walking. At first it was just a few steps at a time, but as he's practiced all through June, he is now an official walker. I can't believe it. It is the cutest thing in the world. He has learned so quickly and so much lately. He has learned about:

climbing into boxes,
putting on sunglasses,
sweeping the floor,
and so many other things not pictured here! He gives high fives, waves goodbye, blows kisses, and repeats the sounds I make. He throws balls, puts toys away, puts lids back on, puts the stopper in the drain in his bath, and even turns the water on and off. I officially have a toddler. It blows my mind. I can't believe this big guy is almost one! This last year has been the best year of my life taking care of this little guy. I am so lucky to be his mommy!

Here are the rest of all the cute pictures I took that didn't fit in anywhere. Love to all, and I promise a new post soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness - that's crazy that he learned all that stuff! Did he learn all that just in May and June? The food pictures are SO cute. I love his big cheesy grin. And I'm jealous of your Haitian ward!